The 48 Hour Film Project: "Zwarte Piste"

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Zwarte Piste (Black Track) is a short film about two estranged sisters who go to visit their mother. And then everything goes downhill...

48 Hour Film Project

The 48 Hour Film Project is a competition in which filmmakers compete to make the best short film within 48 hours. In 2021, the Leeuwarder edition of this competition had its nine-year anniversary. Each team has to write a script, shoot and edit the film within 48 hours. Moreover, at the kick-off, participants are given some mandatory elements such as a genre and a character. The presentation of the films will take place during the Northern Film Festival.

Team en nominaties

Team Miaooo)), which includes filmmaker and teacher Johanneke Dijkstra and students Indy van Oss and Martijn Frankema, was nominated for no less than eight categories with the film Black Piste.

They won in the categories Best Directing (Johanneke Dijkstra), Best Musical Score (former students Mendel bij de Leij and Corné de Wolf) and Best Production Design ((former) students Indy van Oss, Julie Tuinman, Attie Gorter and Liza Kolomiets) and walked away with the Audience Award. They also won Runner up Best Film. Nominations were for Best Writing (Johanneke and former student Tim Zweistra), Best Actress and Best Social Media (Indy).

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