Second year project: SPOT Groningen

Fleur International Facility Management.jpeg

Fleur is a second year International Facility Management student. During the study you work on a variety of projects. Fleur tells you about the project she is currently working on.

'Currently we are doing a project for SPOT Groningen, De Oosterpoort! The concert hall is experiencing a couple of logistical issues, such as lack of storage, and through their educational project (CrossWise) they asked us to help them find a solution. We are developing these innovative solutions through Design Thinking, so we are asked to think outside the box and come up with solutions they have not thought about yet. It is really interesting to work with a real client, though it does add a little pressure. After all, our solutions might actually be implemented in their building. This makes you more focused on the client's needs as well as more motivated to do well! I myself am really interested in the cultural sector so it is very interesting to see what goes on behind the scenes of a venue this size. We work at De Oosterpoort to develop our solutions, which helps us experience what it is like to work there. SPOT Groningen has given us multiple tours through De Oosterpoort and this helped us (or maybe mostly me) to be even more enthusiastic about this project! It is really interesting to see how a concert hall of this size operates and it is even more interesting to help their operations run smoother.'

Fields of interest

  • Arts and Culture
  • Business and Economics