Additional requirements

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To be admitted to the Sport Studies programme, participation in the Matching Day and a Sports Medical Fitness Test (SMFT) are mandatory components of the admission procedure.


Matching Day: are you a match with Sport Studies?

At Sport Studies, we think it is important that you choose the right education! That is why we, together with you, will look during the Matching Day to see whether this programme is the right fit for you.

For students from the BeNeLux-countries/Germany:

After applying for the programme, you will be invited for a Matching Day. Attending this Matching Day is obligatory and it is organised in order to assess whether the ambitions, skills and expectations of the student match the content of the programme. The Matching Day consists of a physical challenge, a case study and a presentation. The result of the Matching Day has to be sufficient in order to be accepted into the programme.

For other students:

After applying for the programme, you need to hand in a Matching Assignment. This assignment consists of a recording showing you in a sports-related group setting and will also include a personal presentation. Furthermore, you need to have a reference and will have to write a case study. The result of the Matching Assignment has to be sufficient in order to be accepted into the program.

Sports Medical Fit Test (SMFT)

Due to the nature of the programme, it is required that you take a Sports Medical Fit Test. On one hand, to avoid risks for the student as a result of health problems. On the other hand, to determine whether the student's state of health is such that a successful study career is not hindered. 

Taking part in these tests is obligatory and will be at your own expense. A Sports Medical Fitness Test will cost you approximately €190,-. It is also possible to take a SMFT in your homecountry.

The SMFT consists of a screening orthopedic, internistic and neurological examination and is specifically aimed at the work load of the programme

Based on the collected data, writtin advice is given to optimize the physical condition. In most cases, the result is immediately announced. The results regarding suitability (without medical details) will also be shared with the student administation of the programme. 

Candidates who have recently (less than 12 months before the start of the study) been declared fit through a SMFT at a Sports Medical Advice Center or a Sports Medical Department in connection with the admission of another sports education programme, do not need to participate again, but must send in the filled-in questionnaire and (a copy of) the research report. 

Results Matching Day and SMFT

To be admitted to the training, you must complete the Matching Day with a positive result. This result, together with the result of the SMFT, determines whether you are admissible to the Sport Studies programme. If you have met all additional requirements, you will receive proof of this from the Sport Studies programme. 

Registration obligations before September 1 in order

The registration is only final when you have met all registration obligations. Meeting the additional requirements, payment of tuition fees and uploading your diploma must be completed by September 1 at the latest.

Fields of interest

  • Business and Economics
  • Sports and Health