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Society is becoming more digitalised, sometimes in surprising ways. Consider agriculture, for example. Digital technologies make it possible to know how the plants and soil are doing even during the cultivation of crops. In this professorship, we research applications of sensor technology and artificial intelligence in a sustainable society.

Smart technology such as sensors, microprocessors, wireless communications, ICT, drones, robots and artificial intelligence can help us make industrial processes more efficient and easier. All these smart technologies are then connected with the help of the Internet of Things (IoT). Thanks to this digitalisation, we are better informed throughout the value chain and can make better decisions. The Smart Industry professorship researches applications of this digitalisation in our society.


  • Sensors & Smart Systems

    Professor Heinrich Wörtche focuses on the outer layer of the Internet of Things (IoT), the Smart Connection Level. This layer connects the physical outer world with the inner cyber world. This connecting layer is formed by sensors that transfer measurement data about the status of and changes in the physical outer world to the inner cyber world. At the technical level, the focus is on miniature sensor technology, printed electronics, artificial intelligence running on microprocessors embedded in sensors and the use of intelligent network technology such as e.g. 5G technology. The Sensors & Smart Systems focus area comprises four research lines 'embedded AI', 'connectivity', 'cyber physical lab' and 'printed sensors'.

    Heinrich Wörtche

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