Twee onderzoekers bespreken een molecuul in het laboratorium van het Kenniscentrum Biobased Economy.

Research Centre Biobased Economy

The Hanze University of Applied Sciences wants to contribute to a healthy and sustainable society. Part of this is transitioning from fossil resources to renewable resources. This is exactly what a 'biobased economy' is all about. The Research Centre Biobased Economy researches new biobased products, sustainable production processes and improved business models. We do this in cooperation with companies and other knowledge institutions.

With green raw materials, we mean (for example) crops and residual streams from agriculture and the food industry. But that is not the only thing we deal with in the knowledge centre. We look at the entire production chain and its consequences. For instance, in the design phase of a product, we take into account the raw materials and components used and whether they can be reused or recycled. We also look at chemical or industrial production processes and whether they can be more efficient or sustainable. We look at plant-based foods and their effect on our health. Finally, we look at what happens to a product at the end of its life.

In other words, our goal is less energy, less waste, less pollution and more saving, recycling, and sustainability.

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What are our ambitions for a biobased future? Watch this (English) video to learn more about the Research Centre Biobased Economy.


  • Onderzoeker Jarno houdt plastic afval vast in het lab voor het lectoraat Biobased chemistry and refinery.


    The professorship Biorefinery focuses on renewable, biobased raw materials that provide suitable alternatives to fossil resources. These raw materials are the building blocks for numerous industrial applications, including for as agriculture, the chemical industry, food and pharmaceuticals.

  • Aardappel in een lab.

    Biobased Ingredients

    The professorship Biobased Ingredients and Materials focuses on the production and processing of plant-based protein to develop products with great taste as well as a high nutritional value.

    Biobased Ingredients and Materials
  • Désirée den Os in LEDs Grow Plants.png

    Plant Production & Processing

    The Plant Production & Processing professorship of the Research Centre Biobased researches plant-based compounds for applications such as food, supplements, personal care and consumer products.

    Plant Production & Processing
  • ZAP Groningen studenten

    Smart Industry

    The Smart Industry professorship focuses on smart technology, such as sensors, microprocessors, wireless communication, ICT, drones, robots and artificial intelligence. These technologies help us make decisions in the production chain.

    Smart Industry
  • Circular Industry

    Circular Industry

    The Circular Industry professorship focuses on the transition from a linear economy to a circular economy where fewer raw materials are used, products are reused for longer, and recycled more often. This transition requires different business models, regulation and collaborations.

    Circular Industry

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