Duckweed: a valuable source of plant-based protein

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Duckweed is a protein-rich plant that has great potential for applications in food. But how do you process this ingredient into a product with the right taste, colour and texture? And how do you make it attractive to companies and consumers? This project looks at the cultivation, processing and food safety of duckweed.

A large percentage of our food is produced by intensive animal farming and agriculture. To become nitrogen- and CO2-neutral and feed the growing world population, we need to find other, more sustainable sources of protein. Within this protein transition, there is also a focus on growing and producing locally.

You might not expect it, but duckweed is one of the most protein-rich plants that we can use in this transition. Duckweed has high yields per hectare and a favourable protein composition with a complete amino acid profile. This makes it highly suitable for food production.

This project looks at how to make the best use of the protein-rich biomass of duckweed by looking at each step in the production chain.

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