Goin': Connect with your future classmates!

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Goin’ is an app for all students admitted to Hanze University of Applied Sciences to connect based on hobbies, interests, study and more, even before you arrive in Groningen!

Goin' is a free service for new students to help you find your future classmates, make friends and experience the Hanze community before arrival.

Why download the Goin' app?

  • With Goin', you can find other students who are also planning to join Hanze University of Applied Sciences. You can use filters to find out who are going to be joining the same study programme, who come from the same country as you, or who are interested in the same topics or activities. Get ready to find and connect with your new friends in Groningen!
  • Join groups to explore activities with like-minded students. Choose between a variety of groups or start your own!
  • Curious to get to know your future student city better? Explore a map featuring hotspots in Groningen - or connect with one of the current Hanze students on the app to ask them for advice!
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Because using this app is optional, we require your consent to process your personal data. We need to process certain personal data to create a profile. One-on-one conversations will not be monitored. Group conversations will be moderated to prevent inappropriate use of the app or if a student raises a concern. Your data and the content of your conversations will be stored as long as you are using the app. Once you decide to delete your profile or stop using the app, we will delete your data.