Bachelor's consultation hour

girl and teacher

Use the bachelor's consultation hour by Hanze Study Choice Support to get help in choosing a bachelor's programme.

Make an appointment for a half hour of consultation by filling in the form below. We will contact you by telephone at the time of your appointment. Note: after the interview you will not have made a definitive choice for a bachelor yet, but you have been given handles for taking further steps. Hanze Study Choice Support only gives advice about making a study choice. To get the most out of the consultation, delve into your interests in advance and think about the direction you want to take with regard to a bachelor programme.

Please note: for questions about admission or tuition fees, please read the information on the pages below, before making an appointment:

  • Do you have questions about tuition fees? You can find more information and calculate tuition fees on this page.
  • Do you have questions about admission? Check the information on the page of the bachelor's programme. Each bachelor's programme has different admission requirements.