Hanze Honours College

Studenten in overleg in het atrium van Zernikeplein 7

Hanze UAS offers over 50 different honours programmes. The idea behind this is that talented people need to develop themselves and be challenged in different ways. Some students are able to - and want to - do more, aside from their studies. Others are looking for more in-depth knowledge or want to broaden their horizons.

Selection based on clear criteria

If you want to take part in a talent route, you will have to go through a selection process. The selection criteria differ per programme. You are selected not only on the basis of your IQ, high grades and study progress, but indeed also your EQ, entrepreneurial spirit, creativity, persistence and willingness to seize opportunities. In most cases, a selection consists of a motivation letter and an interview. For a number of talent routes, assessment is also part of the selection process.

Five types of talent routes

Hanze UAS has five types of talent routes:

  • Honours education
  • Honours talent programme
  • Honours specialisation
  • Honours minor
  • Honours individual course

To stay up-to-date and in tune with the current need for talent in the workplace, Honours education is constantly evolving.

The Hanze Honours College will open doors for you

Once admitted to one of the talent routes of your school, you may call yourself an honours student. You will remain a student of the school where you follow your bachelor courses, but you will be part of the Hanze Honours College as well. Honours education challenges you to develop your talent and potential. For that reason, the core of these talent programmes consists of inspiring and complex assignments and questions, which are usually commissioned by a company.

Hanze Honours College gives you the opportunity to meet honours students and lecturers from other schools and collaborate with them in certain classes and multidisciplinary projects. You will be involved in study assignments and courses concerning the themes of the future, such as Energy and Healthy Ageing. These will encourage you to think and act creatively and stimulate you to find nonobvious solutions. In other words, you will be applying your talent. As an honours student, you will be considered for challenging and prestigious practical assignments and internships. Honours will also give you access to interesting companies, organisations and influential institutions.

The project centre of the Hanze Honours College receives complex but intriguing practical assignments, especially for honours students. Following a talent route is a means of distinguishing yourself on the labour market. As soon as you finish the talent route, depending on the route followed, you will receive a note on your diploma or a diploma supplement. Increasingly, the labour market is asking for top professionals! With a talent route note on your diploma, you will be the cream of the crop!