Are you a creative, curious person? Do you like to experiment with images, video and animation? Do you enjoy playing with the spatial effects of light, image and objects? In that case a future as a designer is a viable option.

Designers contribute significantly to the creative industry, one of the most rapidly growing sectors in the Netherlands. We educate talented, ambitious students who wish to become experimental designers with a critical attitude, who are not afraid to take on wayward and socially relevant topics. You will get learn about all facets of this profession. Graduating successfully means you are well prepared for a future as a professional designer. 

We encourage an international focus: many of our students are from abroad. That is why this bachelor's programme is taught fully in English. This means that English is the language we use during classes. Instruction and coaching in Dutch is possible in individual cases. It is important to get used to an international setting right from the start. This way you will also feel at home abroad and you will learn to get by as an designer all over the word. 

During this Bachelor you will learn to reflect on your own work and that of others. You will develop your authenticity as a designer and discover your view of the world. It is fine to make mistakes. Better still: you have to make mistakes. Only by trial and error you will be able to master the designer's craft. By carrying out experiments and starting afresh you will create your own style, your signature. You will learn how to develop and protect your authenticity as a designer. You will often work with your fellow students in order to learn to function as a member of an interdisciplinary team. 

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Fine Arts


​​In four years time we will teach you the designer's craft and you will be ready to go out and find a job. Your first year is al about general design. You will enrol in five study periods in each major and you will familiarize yourself with analogue and digital skills. You will also be taught Art, Design Theory and Vocational Training. 

After the 1st year

After the 1st year

During the main phase you will choose your own path. This can be a direction focused on one of the following majors: Graphic & Interaction Design, Illustration & Animation Design, Spatial Design, Time Based Design or Product Design. You can also choose your own direction, independent of any specific medium. In that case you combine various majors. In your fourth year you will carry out a joint final exam assignment as well as an independent exam project. ​

​Five majors

Graphic & Interaction Design

you will focus on how to convey messages in a creative and originale manner through images an typography. The two main subjects are Graphic Design and interaction Design. Other subjects concern learning more about the power of photography and video and the multiple possiblilties of typography.

Illustration & Animation Design

you will focus on creating still and animated images. your main subjects will be Illustration and Animation. Your auxiliary subjects will be drawing & Painting, Photography, Visual Typography and Image Grammer. As a graduate you will not only be proficient in creating images by hand, but you will also have mastered professional digital design skills. 

Spatial Design

you will focus on space as a continuous element in all assignments. Spatial designers define how people use and experience spaces, whether these are indoors or outside. The major focusses on people, place, purpose and the poetry of connecting these. The main subject is spatial design, linking to interior architecture and design, architecture, building engineering, material knowledge, movement, visualization and professional development. Graduates will have learned to work on and research assignments for clients and users without losing sight of technical (im)possibilities, or of their own artistic vision and signature.

Time Based Design

you wil focus on moving images in stories, in time and space. You will prepare for a future as a designer working for theatres and in the gaming industry. You will contribute to productions, often in cooperation with a range of professional organizations.

Product Design

you will focus on becoming a design entrepreneur. You choose your own frame of reference, creating a collection of objects and products that will be part of the brand you will use to present yourself in the market.



You will spend part of your third year as an intern. This is how you will get to know the professional possibilities. You will learn that designers hardly ever work alone: they usually work with clients, colleagues and other professionals. 

Electives and counselling

Electives and counselling

Most of our lectures are designers with their own practice. We regularly invite guest lecturers who will provide you with a completely new view of the world of design. In addition to technical skills and methods, we will also teach you the theory of design. You will carry out research, individually or as a member of a team of your fellow students in one of our workshops.  

Practical experience

Off-courses , practical experience, projects

The OffCourses form an important part of your second and third year curriculum. Together with other students you will work on interdisciplinary projects in groups. Making, thinking and sharing are central during these projects. Our own lecturers and guest lecturers are responsible for the supervision and content of the OffCourses. They challenge you to find experimental and artistic solutions to questions from their own professional practice. Exciting examples of ideas that were generated are performances of students playfully interacting with the public, animation showing university students getting acquainted with philosophers' ideas or totally new (photographic) views of life in a nursing home. During the OffCourses Show Off at the end of the semester students present their work. During the OffCourses students and lecturers usually cooperate closely with Art & Society Research Centre and the Project Bureau/AMP.​

Vocational training

Vocational training

In your third and fourth year you will learn everything about the professional practice. You will discover how you can find your own spot as designer in the social and cultural field and you will learn to view your own role and professional practice in a new, critical way. It is essential for you to create an extensive network of contacts during your studies. This is how Minerva Academy helps you to prepare for the future.



During your bachelor you can choose a minor. For instance, the minor Art & Technology. You will work with other students in an interdisciplinary project focused on art, technology and sustainability. 

You can also choose to do a minor Popular Culture (taught in Dutch) or a miner International Popular Culture (taught in English). Both minors are taught in Leeuwarden at Minerva Academy of Pop Culture



In your fourth year you will take part in a joint final exam assignment and carry out an individual exam project. You are also part of a joint exhibition showing your work as well as that of your fellow students.  

International opportunities

International opportunities

This bachelor is open to students from abroad. It is taught in English, but we also give instructions in Dutch. From day one you will find yourself in a dynamic, international environment. The input of students from different countries and cultures is very valuable for your development as a designer. You can also spend a semester studying abroad in your third year. Furthermore, our teachers have excellent contacts all over the world. You can also use these contacts to build your own network.​


​​​After graduation


After this study programme, you can work as an independent designer (alone or in a group) or look for a job with, for example, a design agency or theatre company. During the programme, you get to know the professional possibilities. For instance, we organize a number of Professional Wednesdays during the academic year where you can meet designers (often alumni) to get further acquainted. In practice, designers usually do not work alone: they often have to deal with clients, colleagues and implementers. Therefore, we offer a number of interesting excursions throughout the years that will give you a better insight into the possibilities.

You also have the possibility to join the master of Arts in Fine Art and Design. 


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