Consumer Behaviour & Marketing in a Digital World (autumn semester)

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Understanding consumer behaviour and developing digital marketing campaigns

Would you like to learn how to develop a successful marketing communication campaign? 
In this program, you will develop in-depth knowledge in consumer behaviour and practical skills within market research, marketing communication and digital marketing. All essential elements for today's marketeer.

What you will learn 
In the first part of the semester, you will be working to set up consumer behaviour research for an organization. Theory classes of consumer behaviour will help you understand its relevance to the practice of marketing. You will also learn how to conduct marketing research and perfect your statistical skills and writing skills. All this will help you to set up a research design, conduct the research, analyse the data and formulate tactical marketing recommendations.

In the second part of this semester, you will focus on digital marketing and marketing communication. You will develop an applicable and visually appealing marketing communication campaign. This will be supported by workshops in sales skills and storytelling.

All this will be done in international project groups, with students coming from all over the world.

Click here for downloadable course documents.  
For more information download the leaflet here.

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Consumer Behaviour Research

Consumer Behaviour Research (5 credits)

Consumer behaviour research combines the psychology of consumer behaviour with the theory of market research.

How do people decide which goods and services they will buy, use, and dispose of? How do they respond to prices, advertising, and retail design? Knowing the answers to these questions helps marketers make informed decisions about how to manage and respond to the needs and wants of consumers. Key concepts include The Self, Learning & Memory, and Purchase and Post-Purchase Behaviour.

In order to research consumer behaviour activities, the course provides supportive sessions on both market research and introductory statistics. Market research deals with a range of research-related topics such as applied research design, research tools and research evaluation. To support the use of quantitative research, the course supports the development of basic statistical knowledge.

Integrated Project Assignment 5

Integrated Project Assignment 5 (5 credits)

Combining information from other courses in the block, students work together as a team to set up comprehensive consumer research for an organization (either provided by Hanze or selected by the team itself). The organization that the research is conducted for, will be a genuine organization operating in a consumer market and the research will be focussed on one single product or product group. The students interpret the results of their research and formulate recommendations for the tactical marketing, sales and/or marketing communications policy of that organization. The students present their findings in the form of a  written report.

Professional Skills

Research tooling 2 (4 credits)

Research Tooling combines two essential skills for marketeers: being able to work with quantitative research programs and being able to produce research in written form adequately.
This module is centred around doing marketing research and discusses different aspects of the research process. Communicating marketing research results, as well as the steps leading to the final report, represent the focus of research writing.
Additionally, students get taught how to solve marketing-related research questions with the help of quantitative research programs. At the end of the course, students will be able to select the appropriate statistical test related to a research design and carry out the selected test in a program such as SPSS.

Career Development Skills (1 credit)

In Career Development Skills (CDS), students prepare themselves for a work placement (internship) experience. The module is comprised of self-study weeks and live group sessions. During self-study weeks, students work on the assignments given in the online Edumundo textbook. These assignments focus on reflection and exploration of a student's professional goals and skills. The group lessons focus on resume (CV) writing skills and maintaining a professional social media presence. The second graded assignment is to design a full-colour glossy-style magazine about yourself.

Omnichannel Marketing

Omnichannel Marketing (5 credits)

During the past few decades, the number of communication channels we have at our disposal has grown exponentially. There are numerous ways to communicate with (potential) customers and the competition for media attention is very strong indeed. Therefore, the question must be how we can best reach our target groups, how we can make sure we stand out from the competition and that we are actually seen and heard, supplying our (potential) customers with relevant information. Another question is whether this is influenced by the context: whether it concerns communicating directly to customers or business-to-business.  

In this course, the student will be taught what to investigate before deciding how to use the media to reach the targeted audience and which criteria have to be considered in order to make an effective media plan. We will also pay attention to the most recent developments in marketing communication, focusing on content marketing and the "customer journey".  Orientation & comprehension.

Integrated Project Assignment 6

Integrated Project Assignment 6 (5 credits)

The student will work in a team to develop an applicable and visually appealing marketing communication campaign based on the Request For Proposal (RFP) of a potential client.
During the block, the team will work on various prototypes and repeatedly assesses the results of the various design phases to determine whether they are valuable and relevant to the user/client's wishes.
At the end of the block, the team will present the most applicable marketing communication strategy to the potential client in a visually appealing and convincing way. 

Story Telling 

Story Telling (2 credits)

Long gone are the days of shouting as loud as possible about what you have to offer. In modern-day Integrated Marketing Communication, the skill of telling a story is crucial. Every brand has a story to tell. Stories that create and strengthen the connection with customers and other stakeholders. Stories that go beyond specs and functionality. Stories that strike a chord in every step of the buyer and customer journey. In this lecture, we will talk about stories, how they work, how they are built. You will dissect existing stories and step by step build your own.

Electives (1 mandatory) 

Sales Training (3 credits)

Selling is a profession, where, to be successful, one requires knowledge about his/her product or service, the (prospective) client, the goals aimed for, and knowledge about effective sales conversation and negotiation techniques. Since the sales professional is a company's promotional tool, it is also imperative that one knows how he or she comes across to others, what image he or she evokes and how to effectively influence.  

In this training course, you will learn the skills for an effective sales conversation and what phases it is composed of. The skills acquired in the weekly training of this course will be applied in a role play (for assessment) in which you will conduct a sales pitch to a potential customer for the business market, demonstrating to have achieved the learning outcomes of the course.

English speaking skills (3 credits)

In this course, you will improve your English-speaking skills.

Lydia Altenburg

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