International Marketing Management (spring semester)

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Would you like to learn how to create successful strategic marketing advice? 
The program International Marketing Management is aimed at developing your skills in analysing and solving a real marketing problem.

You will learn how to conduct market research and based upon this research you will learn how to formulate strategic but also practical marketing advice for the company. You will write a strategic marketing plan in which you apply the theory of strategic marketing, research skills and intercultural competence skills. All this will be done in international project groups, with students coming from all over the world.

What you will learn 
In the first part of the semester, you will focus on analysing the external and internal environment of the company. Theory classes in marketing analysis but also finance and change management will help you understand the relevant theory necessary for these analyses. In the second part of the semester, you use the insights learned from your analysis to formulate marketing advice. This will be supported by theory classes on marketing decisions, branding and online marketing at a strategic level.

Click here for downloadable course documents.  
For more information download the leaflet here.

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Marketing Analysis

Marketing Analysis (5 credits)

In this course, you learn the theory related to making an internal and external analysis in preparation for making a strategic marketing plan. This internal analysis includes a marketing audit in which you learn how to assess a company's marketing effectiveness. The external analysis includes the customer analysis, industry analysis and competitors analysis.

You will also learn to prepare financial statements and ratios, then use them to make sustainable business decisions.  You will apply managerial accounting concepts to ensure long-term value for their company. On top of that, you will learn more about the implications of CSR on the marketing policy of a company. 

Integrated Project Assignment 7

Integrated Project Assignment 7 (5 credits)

In this course you will learn to apply the content of the courses marketing analysis: you will work on a real-life strategic marketing problem and are going to use a systematic route to tackle the problem. In this block, you will focus on the current situation. You will start with a research design and they will conduct secondary and primary research to describe the complete external and internal environment. Based upon this research you conduct a thorough analysis, leading to conclusions and finally the results when chosen for an unchanged policy. The research, analysis and conclusions will be written in a research report using the BCE guidelines. You are also able to reflect upon the research and can identify the shortcomings. 

Professional Skills 7

Research tooling 2 (2 credits)

In this course, you will learn how to conduct qualitative research, how to set up an interview scheme and how to conduct a real in-depth interview. In addition, you will then learn how to transcribe the interview and how to analyse the results by using tools like Atlas-ti.  The skills learned in this course will be applied in the integrated project assignment. 

Personal Development (1 credit)

In this course, you get to work on your personal development. There will be special attention to the study progress, living in another country and the cultural differences.

Strategic Marketing

Strategic Marketing (5 credits)

In this course, you learn how to apply and execute the second part of the strategic marketing plan: the decisions. You start with the confrontation analysis (based on the results of marketing planning: the analysis). After that, you learn how to generate and motivate decisions at a strategic level (organizational and marketing), tactical and operational level (both only for marketing). For all the different levels you will learn to use different models and theory and you will also learn about online marketing and brand management within an international context.

Integrated Project Assignment 8

Integrated Project Assignment 8 (5 credits)

The results and conclusions from the marketing analysis form the foundation of the advice the students give to the company. The advice contains decisions at a strategic level (organizational and marketing), tactical and operational level (both only for marketing). All decisions are substantiated by results from the research, the analysis and relevant marketing models & theory. Here you also apply the content of brand management and online marketing. You will identify the internal and financial consequences of the advice. After finishing the report, you have to defend it and present it to the company. You can reflect upon the quality of the work, the process of the collaboration within the group and their own role in this.

Professional Skills 8 

Business Communication English 5 (1 credit)

In this course, the focus will be on the skills needed to produce the various deliverables required for the Integrated Project Assignment. In this hands-on course, you will practice, review and reflect upon yourself as well as your peers' work by giving and receiving constructive feedback.

Intercultural competencies (1 credit)

During this course, you will further develop your intercultural knowledge and work on your intercultural sensitivity. During different workshops, you will interact with fellow students and try to solve "cultural dilemmas". Also, you will work with practical tools for improving cooperation in culturally diverse teams and global leadership and try to deal with "cultural" issues relevant to the project assignment.

Electives (1 mandatory)

Change Management (5 credits)

Change Management is an elective within the Marketing Management Program. Starting the Change course with general theory and models of Change and proceeding with Leadership in Change the Block ends with a game. You learn as well thinking outside-in as thinking inside-out.

Besides the impact of Change, and this can be anything, the nowadays important items like CSR, Cultural aspects (of change) and leadership will appear in the Lectures as well in the other courses of Block 7 and 8.

English-speaking skills 1 (3 credits)

In this course, you will improve your English-speaking skills. 

English-speaking skills 2 (3 credits)

In this course, you will improve your English-speaking skills.

Lydia Altenburg

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