The Institute of Engineering offers: one international bachelor programme, two master programmes, nine ​certificate programmes and nine exchange programmes.




Exchange / Certificate

Three reasons to choose our institute 

  1. Focus on Energy
    ​You will feel at home if you are interested in sustainable energy. We offer several opportunities to explore this interesting dom​ain, like the minor Energy & Society, projects at our Centre of Applied Research and Innov​ation – Energy and our masterprogramme European Master in Renewable Energy.
  2. Teamwork
    During your programme you will be working in project groups a lot. You will learn to work together with other students and companies.
  3. Ambition
    At our institute you are able to study on a high level. Our Advanced Sensor Applications honours bachelor was a 'Top Rated Programme' two years in a row. This means it belongs amongst the best study programmes in the Netherlands.

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