Healthy Ageing

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Note: We are redeveloping the summer course for 2022 and are currently looking at ways to offer a hybrid/online version. Besides our summer course, we offer several exchange courses. One of these courses is Healthy Ageing which accounts for 6 American credits (5 ECTS). If you are interested, please visit this page or send an e-mail to  

Good health, and experiencing positive health at all stages of life - that is what Healthy Ageing is about. It is not only the healthcare field which is involved with healthy aging, technological developments can also contribute to a healthy lifestyle in children, adults and seniors. By combining several disciplines – for example healthcare and technology – Healthy Ageing acquires an innovative character. Such innovations are aimed at developments in the healthcare system and in the fields of e-health (the input of information and communication technology in healthcare), as well as in special-needs or modular housing.


As life expectancies increase, so does the importance of increasing illness and disease free years. To achieve this, improved treatment methods are continually being developed. This intensification of healthcare is raising the cost of treatments. However, by using smart technological and non-technological innovations, we can optimise the quality and implementability of the care and keep it affordable.


During the summer school you will investigate, together with students from other countries, how people can age in a healthy way. You will look not only at aspects of physical, social and mental health, but especially at how care provision can be optimised. How can you shift the focus for curing diseases towards self- management, positive psychology, maximising one's own capacity and sense of empowerment? How can care be organised more efficiently and effectively?  What technological aids can be deployed to ensure that seniors can live independently for as long as possible while maintaining a good quality of life, or children with a predisposition for obesity are taught to eat food that is both appetizing and healthy? Examples are the design of an app that brings together volunteers and help-seekers, a serious game about healthy nutrition, and an aid that helps people measure the effect of certain healthy or unhealthy behaviours on blood pressure. You will also learn more skills that will enable you to communicate with your own client group.

From the beginning of the summer school you will work in a multidisciplinary team on the project assignment within one of the four of the innovation labs Healthy Ageing. These assignments will come from external customers, which means that you will be working on real issues from practice.




  • Healthy Ageing as a lifelong process – optimizing health at every stage of the lifecourse
  • Life course psychology and the positive influence of directing one's own behaviour, the impact of taking control and responsibility of ones own behaviour.
  • Insight into wider societal and environmental issues and how these contribute to how individuals and populations experience ageing.
  • Technological possibilities for the development of new health care concepts.

After this Summer school you will have a greater understanding of how people and populations experience healthy ageing and have a broader awareness of wider influential factors. With knowledge and skills gained through exploring the challenges and opportunities associated with living longer, you will be prepared and equipped to promote and support positive health to your own client group, at whatever stage of life.

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