Evert Bisschop Boele Prof. dr.

With a background in ethnomusicology and music education, Evert Bisschop Boele conducts practice-based research into music and arts education. For that purpose, over the years he developed a new perspective on music education: 'idiocultural music education'. Bisschop Boele emphasizes that music education is more than learning how to play an instrument; it should help a child to develop into the musical personality he or she wants to be. This is done by connecting to the musical preferences of each pupil, making them explicit, and by challenging pupils to take the next step.

Evert Bisschop Boele is leading professor of the Research Centre Art & Society, and connected to the research group Music in Context at the Prince Claus Conservatoire, Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen. He leads the research group Arts Education, which is made up of teacher-researchers of the Prince Claus Conservatoire, Minerva Art Academy, the School of Education and the Master Art Education of Hanze UAS.

He combines this work with an endowed professorship 'Culture Participation', funded by LKCA, at the Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication (ESHCC) of Erasmus University Rotterdam. His main focus here is research into the meaning of cultural participation for the participants.

Evert Bisschop Boele studied music education at the Maastricht Conservatoire and then trained as an ethnomusicologist at the University of Amsterdam, where music is studied in its cultural context from an anthropological perpsective. He worked as a teacher for many years, after which he received his doctorate of social sciences (summa cum laude) at Georg-August-Universität in Göttingen (D) in 2013. His dissertation Musicking in Groningen about the use and functions of music in daily life in modern Western culture was awarded the Friedrich-Christoph-Dahlmann-Prijs.

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