Klaske Veth PhD

Klaske N. Veth (1971) has worked for seven years as a senior lecturer and researcher Human Resources Management (HRM) at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen. Next to subjects in the area of HRM, she is an expert on the topic of healthy ageing at work and (personal) leadership. She conducts research on these topics, and in addition develops and gives lectures on these. Furthermore, she is supervisor and advisor of bachelor and master students with their graduation projects. She published in and presented at various international peer reviewed journals and conferences.
Before, she worked for 13 years as a (managing) HRM officer in various jobs in three different organizations (service, dairy industry and the health sector). During these years, she faced employees strained by financial disincentives, making longer careers than before, but she felt rather empty-handed when it came to offering solutions. These experiences have turned out to be breeding grounds for her interest into subjects of social psychological HRM, healthy ageing at work, (personal) leadership, and coaching and development.
Initially Klaske studied philosopy (1 year, University of Amsterdam) and management & organizational sciences (graduated ‘with pleasure’) at the University of Tilburg. In her career she attended the two-years executive program coaching and consulting in context at the University of Utrecht that, using the so-called psychodynamic-systemic perspective, deepened her understanding of HRM and organization & management sciences.

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