Rob van Haren Prof. Dr.

Rob van Haren is Professor of the research groups Transition Bioeconomy and Art & Sustainability.

The research carried out by Transition Bioeconomy is aimed at three themes: Transition Green Entrepreneurship; Transition Green Process Technology and Ingredients and Transition Green Products. Within these research strands Rob works on 'Fuzzy Front End' processes in innovation, super critical CO2 processes for green extraction and New Product Development with green ingredients. Rob also does research into the development of new cosmetics based on green ingredients and herbs.

Rob van Haren is visiting professor of Art & Sustainability at Minerva Art Academy and Research Centre Art & Sciety, in a joint professorship with professor dr. Ann-Sophie Lehmann. Rob's research within Art & Sustainability is based on bio-based design, panarchy for climate change adaptation and materiality. Bio-based design concerns iconic design for fostering the transition into greater usage of bio-based materials and, by doing so, stimulating the bio-based economy. Panarchy is about actions creating expected and unexpected events and acting on the unexpected events. Panarchy is applied to the domains of climate adaptation and spatial planning and architecture. 

Professor Ann-Sophie Lehmann of Art & Sustainability specializes in materials as active actors in interactions between people, things and our environment, an actor which is all too often overlooked. How do artists 'think with materials'? How can materials make the artistic process visible? Ann-Sophie
Lehmann researches materials and the making process. Her objective is to arrive
at ‘material literacy’ which can bring about critical awareness of processes of
change in our social and ecological environment.

Rob has a doctorate in theoretical biology at the VU University Amsterdam. In addition to his professorships Transition Bioeconomy and Art & Sustainability he supervises SME entrepreneurs with 'private label innovations' and he develops new food- and lifestyle products. Rob was previously employed as director of Kiemkracht, an alliance of Agriculture and the Innovation Network of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. In addition, he was professor of Innovation and Knowledge transfer Agribusiness at the University of Groningen. Before this he worked as innovation manager sustainable supply chains at AVEBE, a Dutch potato processing industry and as a senior scientist agro-ecology at Wageningen University & Research (WUR).


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