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    Academie Minerva (locatie Praediniussingel)


A Minerva Art Academy project initiated and conducted by Laura Bolscher & Ferdi Speelman

Thirty alumni tell the story of their careers and lives in the ten years since graduating from the Fine Art programme at Minerva Art Academy. Are they still (or again) artists or have they chosen a different path? What influence has their education had in their lives? And what similarities and differences are there with the students graduating in 2023? 

Thirty stories of alumni from the 2013 graduation year have been collected in a publication. In addition, the research is presented in an exhibition showcasing recent work by 10 alumni. As part of this dialogue, Stichting 2ndFloor will show the works of 10 young artists from Minerva Art Academy that they have selected based on the alumni's work. By showing the works of alumni and current students, they aim to open a conversation about the past, the present and the future. Everything will come together during the opening and book launch on the 13th of October. A public conversation will then take place in which viewers, alumni, students and teachers will look back and forward with the questions: 'What does the academy educate towards' and 'What does the academy of the future look like'?

Stichting 2ndFloor aims to provide young artists with opportunities to showcase their works by organising short pop-up exhibitions in different locations. They wish to become a steppingstone for young artists and to help push them into the spotlight. They want to become a bridge to bring these young artists closer to the art scene and to, at the same time, make art more available to the public.

Decennial Dialogues offers an honest look at all the various ways a career (and personal life) can develop in the ten years after graduating from an art school.

Friday 13 October, Praediniussingel 59, Groningen 
Opening, Soup and Talks 

16:00     Book launch (Praediniussingel)
16.30     The Past: Public Conversation I                     
17.30     Bread and soup break (Zuiderdiep)
18.00     2ndFloor Opening          
              Opening speech
              Live music: Alina Fasching (vocals), Evgenii Lebedev (guitar),
              Riepke Lars van der Meer (piano), Reinis Baltinš (drums)
              Art performance: Nina Veloo                               
19:00     The Future: Public Conversation II (Praediniussingel)
20:00    Opening Decennial Dialogues exhibition    

Exhibition Decennial Dialogues 11 - 19 October (Koepelzaal, Praediniussingel) 
2nd Floor Exhibitions 11 - 19 October (Central Hall, Zuiderdiep) 

Opening hours  
Mon to Fri 10 - 18 (host present 14:00 - 18:00) 
extra Saturday opening on 14 October 

Artists in exhibition

Harry Markusse, Marjet Zwaans, Jiska Huizing, Aebele Trijsburg, Antonia Rhenen, Jelte van Lente, Jimi Kleinbruinink, Jellie Klaster, Iris Leenknegt, Hector Raphaela. 

Young artists in the 2ndFloor exhibition

Song Dang Votwd, Shiva Miryektah, Liz de Vries, Emily Kümmeler, Marta Calero Segura, Huba Hönigh, Kat Keienburg. Rowiet Kerver, Nerea Nogales, Nazhifah Aisy and Arta Irbe

Alumni in publication

Harry Markusse, Christiana van Lammeren, Guust Persoon, Jellie Klaster, Jildau Kooistra, Jiska Huizing, Marjet Zwaans, Irene Veltman, Lotte Middendorp, Aebele Trijsburg, Hector Raphaela, Manon Maring, Janneke Welfing-van der Velde, Bas Leegstra, Jelte van Lente, Roel Hooghiem, Iris Leenknegt, Kim Kenyon, Tjeerd Bosma, Max van Londen , Suzanne Vellema, Rolf Doderlein de Win, Anne van Stormbroek, Minke Koopman, Ria Neleman, Tijmen van Dijk, Antonia Rehnen, Jimi Kleinbruinink, Laura Bolscher, Ferdi Speelman.

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