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Put 7 artists from the Academy of Popular Culture together and you get one eclectic evening that can’t be captured in one word. On May 15, the Neushoorn in Leeuwarden will be bursting at the seams with an interdisciplinary program in which performances, theater, film, installations and other art forms tumble effortlessly over one another.


With songs that seem sweeter than they are, Naduah previously turned the Lowlands push tent upside down. While running and pushing, the audience screamed her songs along and everyone was happy. By the end of her show, everyone wanted to be a little bit like Naduah. Rinus Dubbis is a producer and brings 60's guitar riffs, psychedelic beats and nostalgic synths during a blistering performance with SSTO. Theater also finds its way to the stage. Through sharp monologues, inspired hip-hop songs and humorous skits, Sander Juno explores what it means to be a role model. But don’t think you know what to expect now. This versatile jack-of-all-trades doesn't just let himself be pushed into one box.

Need a break between all these musical highlights? Absolutely not, in addition to the performances you will find several interactive installations and performances in the building. Arie performs between moving mirrors and brings together live music, choreography and theatre. Indy YuQian tells stories, specifically the parallel story of how Delftware invaded Dutch cultural identity and how she has had to navigate what it is like for her to be Dutch-Chinese. Combining sculpture, fashion, photography, film and augmented reality, she elevates the word multidisciplinary to a new level. With her documentary series "KUNST/ICOON" Karry Tichelaar investigates to what extent cancel culture and gossip journalism influence the personal and artistic development of artists. With Bruno Storm, you become part of an interactive performance in which his playing cards take centre stage. In addition to video, music and spoken word, you can also participate in a drawing workshop. To be present is to experience!

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Visitor information
Wednesday 15 May 2024. Doors open: 7 p.m., start: 7:30 p.m.
Free entrance
Neushoorn, Leeuwarden

About the Academy of Popular Culture

The Academy for Pop Culture in Leeuwarden offers the Bachelor of Arts in Popular Culture, unique in the Netherlands. Students are trained to become interdisciplinary and entrepreneurial artists, with a focus on developing innovative artistic concepts at the intersection of sound, visuals and media. Graduates enter various fields as artistic professionals. For example, they perform on stage, write songs, make tracks, create accompanying clips or visuals, develop festivals, dress them up, or have a podcast or website in which they present themselves or others. Sometimes as one-person artists but also often in collectives or changing collaborations. Making for an audience is central to this broad, interdisciplinary education

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