Artistic resarch


Artistic research is an intrinsic part of every element of the FMI curriculum. First and foremost, it is part of your own studio practice. Then, in addition, it appears in the weekly seminar mornings, where students bring in their research issues, dilemmas and themes. Apart from that, artistic research also has its place in the monthly Round Tables, and in the Log that you’ll develop. Furthermore, your artistic research will be discussed during studio visits and feedback sessions where students & teachers question each other. Even in the curriculum component Projects & Trips, research is not absent.  This is how your artistic research evolves and shifts constantly, as an ongoing investigative practice. In the second year of the master, you will focus on your graduation work and your thesis, which both function as a testimony of your artistic research. To stimulate the investigative attitude, we recently added a new curriculum component; Labs. Playing, experimenting, tweaking, and discovering within a group, are central here.