LABs, Projects & Trips

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LABs are practice-focused and will zoom in on a specific technique, such as video or programming, performance/ performative working, or collaborative writing. Projects centre around one or more subjects such as art & care, art & technology, art & decoloniality, art in deprived areas, art & ecology, art & exhibiting, art & materiality, and so on. Each master programme offers its own LABs and projects, tailored to the respective specific practical aspects.

Projects and conferences are regularly staged in collaboration with the University of Groningen, with the ARC (Artistic Research Community in the North), with the academy’s professorship Image in Context and the professorship Art and Sustainability, which are both parts of the Minerva Research Centre Arts and Society. 

The curriculum also includes trips to art exhibitions, fairs, artists’ studios, and visits to other master institutes in Europe or further, such as, recently, Kassel, Venice, Berlin and Brighton.