Call for application: Join the MAPs Programme at the Frank Mohr Institute!

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Call for application: Explore the World in Transition through Materials - Join the MAPs Programme at the Frank Mohr Institute!

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey of material exploration? We are excited to introduce you to the Materials in Artistic Practices (MAPs) master's programme at the renowned Frank Mohr Institute in Groningen. Starting in September 2023, this unique programme offers you the opportunity to delve into a world in transition through extensive material research.

MAPs adopts a holistic approach that goes beyond the surface of materials. We believe in exploring tangible, aesthetic, and practical properties of materials, while also considering their historical, cultural, political, and ecological entanglements. Through practical exploration and engaging with relevant discourses and theory you will gain ecological sensitivity and a deeper understanding of a variety of past, present and future materials.  

Application Process 2023-2024

We welcome and encourage all enthusiastic candidates, from artists and designers to all those with a relevant background to apply. Our MAPs programme encompasses a wide range of discourses, including but not limited to geography, biology, anthropology, sociology, and philosophy. Artistic references can come from diverse fields such as design, fine arts, and mass media. What truly matters is that you embrace the creative process itself, document your work, and effectively communicate the narratives behind your artistic endeavours.

Apply now! 

For EU/EEA students

Round 3: Applications are open until 10 July 2023.

Round 4: Applications are open until 21 August 2023.

Learn more about our four programmes

MAPs is one of the four study programmes of the MA in Fine Art and Design (MAFAD) at the Frank Mohr Institute, part of Minerva Art Academy (Hanze UAS). All programmes are open for applications. Discover more about MAPs, MADtech, iRAP and Painting on our website.


For general questions about our programmes, admissions and applications, please contact our front office.

Front Office Frank Mohr Institute
+31 (0)50 595 1150
[email protected]

Do you have a specific question about the MAPs curriculum? We’re always happy to chat you through the programme and help you with any query you might have. Get in touch with one of our lecturers via WhatsApp/call at +31 6 45546205 (Tue-Thurs 12.00 – 13:00)


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