Reveal Artwork Marie Kamphuisborg

Minerva - Marie Kamphuisborg_25.jpg

Artists and alumni from Academie Minerva's course Design of 2021, Merel Wendt and Renée Ensing, were selected by the Hanze Art Committee for a special commission in the Marie Kamphuisborg. Their artwork “Zoek” (Search) was revealed on 7 September in the canteen of the Marie Kamphuisborg at the Hanzehogeschool Groningen.

“Zoek” is a 3D composition using colorful wooden shapes that illustrate the themes of health, connection, and social contact using everyday objects. 

The artwork contains references to various study programmes in the building such as Social Work, Human Resource Management, Applied Psychology and more. The artwork also studies several overlapping themes that you can find in the Marie Kamphuisborg.

In this visual puzzle, the viewer is invited to make their own connections between the different illustrations. The meaning of the artwork depends on the observer; everyone forms different connections. Everything is interconnected. 

Photos made by Lisa Bommerson