IB Exchange Programme

​​​​​​​​​​The International Business School (IBS) at Hanze UAS offers a number of exchange programme options for students studying at an IBS Groningen partner university.

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1,500 students study our bachelor's and master's programmes and more than 60 nationalities are represented within the student and faculty community. This makes the international atmosphere a strong characteristic of IBS. Cultural diversity is valued by all in this open-minded setting, where we speak and teach in English. Enhancing this international environment is the IB Exchange Programme​.

Exchange Programm​​e

Important: The IB Exchange Programme is only available to partner university students studying at an IBS Groningen partner university.

IBS offers a number of programme options for exchange students. You can choose to participate in one or two semesters of the regular International Business bachelor's programme, follow one of our minors or participate in one of our four graduation minors (specialisations).

  • International Business: regular bachelor programme semester (year 2)
    The IB programme is divided into two blocks per semester and each block consists of a business project. Within each project, you will receive skills training and apply theoretical knowledge in practice. Dutch language courses are also part of every block.
    • Block 2.1 Talent Management: HRM, intercultural competences in business, labour law, ethics, decision-making
    • Block 2.2 Financial Analysis: financial & managerial accounting, supply chain management
    • Block 2.3 Simulation game TopSim Logistics: finance, operations management, logistics, supply chain management, HRM, marketing
    • Block 2.4 Consulting - Market Entry Strategy: marketing, New Economic Realities, law, cultural diversity

  • European Business
  • International Finance & Accounting
  • International Management
  • International Marketing
  • International Strategy & Business Development


If you have more questions about the programme, please contact:
Ms Hennie Jager-Venema, International Business School. Email here.
Tel: +31(0)50 595 2300

For general questions about applying to the programme, tuition fees, visas and accommodation, please contact:
International Service Desk. Email here.
Tel: 050 595 7800

Practical i​nformation

Scho​​​ol:  International Business School
Ope​n to:  Exchange students from partner universities of the International Business School
Type of edu​​cation:  Bachelor's Exchange Programme
Lan​guage:  English language


  • One semester (30 ECTS* credits)

  • Two semesters (60 ECTS* credits)

Can be followed

  • Semester 1 (September – February)
  • Semester 2 (February – July)

Start date each year

  • First week of September
  • Second week of February

Admission require​​ments

Exchange students are selected by their home university. Please contact your programme's Exchange Coordinator for the admission requirements and to see if IBS is a partner of your home university.​​

Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen reserves the right to check, both in the Netherlands and abroad, the authenticity of all documents submitted in support of applications.


International students can apply by sending in an application form and supporting documents to our International Service Desk. Enrolment will not be final until all requirements - as specified in the letter of acceptance - are met. Therefore, always consult the letter of acceptance.

Deadlines for submitting an application

To join the first semester (September - February): 1 June
To join the second semester (February - July): 1 November

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