Anu Manickam

Anu Manickam is as an associate professor responsible for the research group Region-to-Region for Regional Resilience (R2R4RR). This research group, consisting of 8 members, arises from the need to gather and integrate knowledge to strengthen the local region through European cooperation, with a focus on internationalisation and regional innovation. The R2RR4RR-research group aims to strengthen local and regional stakeholders dealing with multiples societal challenges.

Developing resilience through regional and interregional collaborations focused on societal challenges and the competences needed for them, is a key focus of Anu’s work and that of the research group. This includes supporting complex systemic developments in local ecosystems.

Her current work is related to Anu’s doctoral thesis on applying complex adaptive systems approaches to cluster and regional development in the face of transitions. 
Anu’s previous experience in managing and developing master programmes at various Hanze schools has resulted in the development of educational materials and tools in various Erasmus+ projects that serve businesses, governments and educational programmes.

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In recent years, Anu has co-authored a number of publications aimed at professionals dealing with regional transitions that include Engaged, Towards a Resilient Region and Regions Taking the Lead. The book, Wicked World, Complex Challenges and Systems Innovation, forms the basis for a number of master modules on strategy and leadership both within and outside of the Hanze. Other publications include articles in conference proceedings, policy reports and books focussed on education and regional transitions.

In addition to her PhD research at London South Bank University (2017), Anu has studied for an MBA in International Business and Management (2008) and Intercultural Management (1992) in Groningen. She also obtained a bachelor's degree in the Arts (1984) and a post-graduate Diploma in Education (1985) in Singapore.