Dr. Marianne Nieuwenhuis

Human Movement scientist Dr. Marianne Nieuwenhuis is a special professor of Functional recovery and quality of life after burns within the Healthy Ageing, Allied Health Care and Nursing professorship. This teaching assignment has been set up by the Dutch Burns Foundation.

The care for people with burns has undergone a strong development in recent decades in the sense that the treatment of burns has greatly improved and thus the chance of survival. As a result, an increasing number of people are living with the consequences of burns, and the consequences are more serious. If multidisciplinary burns care is to make an adequate contribution to the patient's goal, i.e. optimal recovery of functioning and quality of life, it is important to understand how treatment and outcomes are interrelated so as to identify predictors of recovery as well as barriers and facilitators. The research group' teaching assignment therefore focuses on two interrelated themes: the development of methods to optimize the recovery, functioning and quality of life of people after a burn injury, including, if necessary, the development of measurement methods to be able to quantify this, and optimizing interprofessional collaboration.

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The practice-oriented scientific research of this teaching assignment is carried out in close collaboration with, among others, the UMCG. Marianne combines her work as a professor with that of research coordinator at the Burn Center of the Martini Hospital and head of Clinical Research at the Netherlands Association of Collaborative Burn Centers. In addition to research, it gives her energy to supervise (PhD) students, to work together with healthcare workers and researchers from various disciplines and to teach experts by experience, for example Evidence Based Practice.