Dr. Mira Bloemen-Bekx

As of October 1st 2023, Dr. Mira Bloemen-Bekx has been appointed professor Regional Innovative Capacity at the Centre of Expertise Entrepreneurship of Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen. The Regional Innovative Capacity professorship studies the way in which entrepreneurs initiate innovation within their companies, as well as the extent to which the environment (the regional innovation ecosystem) can strengthen the innovative capacity of businesses.

Mira graduated in the field of Entrepreneurship and Family Businesses. Her interest particularly lies within (family) business owners with a long term perspective and who manage their company according to their vision and values. The subjects she focuses on include small and medium sized (family) businesses, business owner competencies, impact driven innovation and the regional ecosystem.

Mira’s thoughts with regards to the innovation theme:
“Innovation is needed to ensure the continuity of a business. Profit is needed to innovate. A company needs to be successful to make profit and a competent owner is needed to lead and initiate change. Innovation is key in achieving collaborative long-term sustainable solutions that don’t destroy the environment.”


After an extensive career in higher education management in which one of her successes was the launch of the bachelor programme Entrepreneurship and Retail Management, Mira decided to follow her heart by pursuing her career in applied research. The daily practice of people and companies or organisations play an important role within her research. The focus of her dissertation lies within the  succession of a family business. She’s learnt that succession, along with innovation, are key aspects for the continuity of businesses and that owners play an important role in this process.
Mira was honoured the Best Doctoral Dissertation Award of the Family Firm Institute for her dissertation.

Mira is affiliated with the
Grossman School of Business because of her involvement in the Schlesinger Family Enterprise Case Competition of the University of Vermont, USA.