Dr. Susan Ketner

Ketner obtained her PhD at the University of Groningen on research into the formation of identity among Moroccan youths, and subsequently worked as a policy researcher in areas such as diversity, youth and parenting support. As a senior researcher at the Parenthood and Parent Guidance research group at Hogeschool Leiden, she studied risk and protective factors for the well-being of parents.

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She is happy to continue this focus on supporting (vulnerable) parents in her current position as a professor. When there is child abuse in a family, it often concerns parents who are under pressure for various reasons, for example due to poverty, psychological problems and/or their own unpleasant experiences in the past. According to Ketner, a comprehensive approach to prevent and stop child abuse therefore requires cooperation between families and professionals from different disciplines. Openness about the shadow sides of parenthood and room for the parents' perspective are crucial in this respect.