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The Drenthe Knowledge Lab Misunderstood Behaviour has started. Our goal is to stimulate knowledge-sharing and cooperation in situations surrounding misunderstood behaviour. Based on co-creation, we work on questions from the professional practice at a location where we can meet each other physically.

We will work on these three themes:

  • Strengthening and learning from recovery initiatives
  • Working together in formal and informal networks
  • Living together in the neighbourhood

We connect existing knowledge and networks of expertise. Where necessary, we develop new, practical information-products. In this way, we hope to contribute to situations of misunderstood behaviour. For people who live, work or learn together.

What is misunderstood behaviour?

For the time being, we will use the following working definition:
Misunderstood behaviour is worrying and may have negative consequences for the person in question and/or their environment. The environment does not know how to deal with this behaviour. Misunderstood behaviour can have various causes, such as psychological vulnerability, addiction or dementia.

Knowledge Lab Misunderstood Behaviour: who are we?

We are Actium, De Trans, Espria, GGD Drenthe, GGZ Drenthe, Municipality of Midden-Drenthe, Municipality of Hoogeveen, Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen, Icare, Icare home guidance, InComprehension, Lentis, MEE samen, VNN and Zilveren Kruis.

We are cooperation partners in the Drenthe Knowledge Lab Misunderstood Behaviour. In this knowledge Lab professionals from different domains work together on themes related to misunderstood behaviour. We exchange knowledge and experiences about a common issue and work together on solutions in practice.

The Knowledge Lab contributes to prevention within a person-centred approach to misunderstood behaviour. Moreover, we are contributing to a society in which people with misunderstood behaviour participate and are 'allowed to be there'. With this regional knowledge lab, we are building a knowledge infrastructure. We share the knowledge we have gained both regionally and nationally. Thanks in part to the grant from ZonMw, it has become possible to set up this lab.

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