'I have already learnt a lot about what it takes to make a video game'

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Student CMGT

Bent Staderman chose to study Creative Media & Game Technology because he grew up with a console and loved the stories and characters he was playing as a child. After high school he was at a loss at what to do next. He thought he should give game development a try as it had always fascinated him. He came to the Netherlands because it has more practical teaching methods than his home country and says that ‘so far Groningen has been a great experience.’

'I have a wonderful place near the campus that shows how easy it is to get around in the small but lively city of Groningen. The Zernike campus is a nice place with great facilities that are all within walking distance of each other.'  

'The study itself is also a great experience. Having finished the first year I can say that I learnt a lot about what it takes to make a video game. Not only in hard skills like coding and modelling, but also soft skills like teamwork, coordination and research. Of course, I have much more to learn as I have just started creating 3D models with Blender and working with game engines like Unity. Especially Blender became something really fun for me as I grew to understand it better with the help of peers and teachers. Some teachers here really like teaching about it, and I had a lot of fun screwing around with the tools and creating cool, but sometimes also silly things. Of course, learning together with my peers also made it easier for me as everyone exchanges knowledge and experiences from different levels.'  

'Lastly, I want to mention the worries I had when starting my studies here. Having studied only in Germany before, I was not expecting to have an easy time here. Especially because this was my first time living on my own and also in a different country. However, not only is the new CMGT course really beginner-friendly, but also Groningen itself is a comfortable experience for international students like me. A lot of friendly people make living here a really nice experience.'