'After graduating I can start working nearly anywhere in the world!'

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Student International Communication

Žaneta Mlčáková is a third-year International Communication student from the Czech Republic. She chose this programme because of its practical approach and projects for real clients.

'Groningen was love at first sight! I remember the first day I visited Groningen as a tourist and fell in love with its lively city full of students. After some research, I decided to leave my comfort zone and move to the Netherlands to study International Communication.' 

'I chose International Communication for its broadness as I didn't know for sure what I wanted to study. It was a perfect opportunity to find out what my interests are and what I am good at. After diving into different fields of communications, I found myself interested in and being really good at marketing.' 

'And why is it called international? Not only do you dive into the field of communication, but you also experience different cultures, learn about communication between cultures and cultural differences. It is more important than you might think!' 

'What I was surprised about is the amount of practice during this study. As I come from the Czech Republic, we do not have many practical studies and we don't really do internships. That is why I love the practical side of International Communication. You do projects for real clients sever since you start the programme. For example, we planned sustainable campaigns, wrote a business plan, came up with a marketing strategy for an Italian brand and created a whole communication plan for Centraal Beheer. It was so exciting to work for these clients.' 

'Discovering and working on your skills is also a big part of this study. During skills classes we practice skills from writing to public speaking, or even hosting workshops. There is a real emphasis on presenting! You learn everything from professionals, and all teachers are so kind and friendly.' 

'I can't forget to mention that all of this is happening in the best student city in the Netherlands. Groningen is full of students, amazing hotspots, festivals and parties. Groningen is never asleep and there is always something to do. There isn’t a better city to enjoy your student life!'