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  • Bachelor
  • Full-time
  • 4 years
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International Communication

4 years
Bachelor of Arts
240 ECTS
Start: September
  • Language and Communication

International Communication (IC) is a study programme for inquisitive students who understand the effect that messages, news and campaigns have on society, who feel comfortable using modern communication technology and who consider the world as their home. The programme trains students to become communication professionals who are proactive, innovative, creative, respectful and responsible.

Projects with impact

What makes studying at Hanze UAS unique is that you will work on projects for real clients and contribute to concrete solutions for current issues impacting society. Below, you can find some examples of projects our students engage in.

We are International Communication

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About this programme

Over the last few decades, modern communication methods have turned the world into a global village and constant technological innovation has changed the field of communication at a rapid pace. This requires today’s communication professionals to be able to adapt in a field that is constantly on the move.

The International Communication programme will give you the skills and knowledge needed for an international career in communication. You will develop the flexibility to adapt to changes in a fast moving industry, identify the dynamics behind effective communication and put the knowledge and skills you have gained into practice. You will learn about public relations, marketing, consultancy, crisis communication, public affairs and business communication. You will receive media training, learn how to write publications and organise an international event. Throughout the programme, special attention is paid to developing intercultural competencies and facilitation skills.

For more information on the International Communication courses offered, please see our ECTS Course Catalogue.

Course overview

Year 1

The first year is divided into four periods and will give you a general introduction to the world of communication. You will develop English-language skills relevant for communication professionals. Throughout the year you will learn about cultural differences (intercultural competencies), develop media skills and be introduced to research methods and communication theories. In the first block on Crisis & Reputation you will develop an approach that aims to avoid issues in the media from turning into a crisis together with your international project group. You will learn how to monitor international media, how to write a press release and how to organise a press conference. The second block is about Online Branding. Your creativity will be put to the test as you develop online texts and visuals for real clients to increase their brand recognition or to promote their products. Visual communication and entrepreneurship are central to the block Media & Entrepreneurship. You will come up with an entrepreneurial concept and learn how to pitch that in a specific media format. You will get camera training and create a personal brand video. During the final block (Orientation on the Profession) of your first year you will organise a conference about the communication profession.

Year 2

In the second year you will develop a media campaign and explore the theory of intercultural communication to help organisations establish and maintain international and intercultural relations.

Year 3

The third year is an important year for International Communication, where you will gain experience abroad. You will do an internship with an organisation of your choosing, which can be anywhere in the world. The other half of the year is spent on exchange at one of our many international partner universities.

Year 4

In the first semester of your fourth year, you will be able to choose from a broad range of elective courses. In the final semester, you will do a graduation assignment in which you take on the role of a junior consultant and offer a solution to a communication problem for a client of your choosing. This will be supported by research and will offer strategic advice at an advanced level.

After your studies

Pursue a master's degree

After your bachelor’s degree, you can join our professional master’s programme in International Communication, Energy for Society or MSc in Business Studies (Interdisciplinary Business Professional). You can also choose another master’s programme at an academic university.

Career prospects

The International Communication programme prepares you for an international career in a range of positions:

  • public relations advisor
  • communications coordinator
  • brand identity consultant
  • event manager
  • marketing communication consultant
  • social media strategist

Admission & Application

Fields of interest

  • Language and Communication
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