'It was my childhood dream to make games that bring people joy'

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Student CMGT

For Nick de Vries studying Creative Media & Game Technology was a childhood dream come true. As he himself puts it: ‘I just knew I wanted to make games that could bring people joy and give them a safe place to go to when they are having a difficult day, or just want to calm down from a long week of work since I can relate to that from my own gaming experience.'

'I enjoy CMGT because it is not just about making games for entertainment purposes, but also gives you the chance to make a difference with the games you create. A perfect example of this would be a project second year students took part in for people with extremely limited movement. For instance, when you have ALS, it prevents you from using your muscles the way you should be able to. Studying also teaches you how to research and approach your audience, which helps you solve how to make a game for the right people that you want to reach with your game.'  

'Studying at Hanze is great because the campus offers me the chance to work flexibly to fulfill my needs. From working in the main Van Doorenveste building with my project group to going to the Makerspace to get my models 3D-printed, as well as the many different classrooms for the various types of courses. Groningen finds the perfect balance between big-city life with everything you need and the relaxing atmosphere of smaller towns. While lively, it is not as crowded as cities like Rotterdam, Amsterdam and other large European cities. Well, I have talked enough about my experiences and what I have enjoyed about my studies, all I can say to you (possible) future students is to work hard and not to be afraid to fail during the making of your games. We have a saying that goes 'Fail harder, Fail Better' which comes down to learning from every failed concept to make the best concept you can. Hope to see you all at our course next year and I wish you all the best of luck.'