The European Digital Music Academy (TEDMA) is a project that works with universities and festival organisations from Denmark, the Netherlands, France as well as Germany to provide skills in music production, distribution, promotion and audience engagement to all future professionals. TEDMA was funded by Erasmus+.

Introduction to the TEDMA project

The digitalisation of the music sector, inflicting new approaches to practice, production, communication and performance of music, raises the question of the necessity in the evolution of higher music education curricula. The European Digital Music Academy (TEDMA) was therefore created to address this much-needed innovation process in the live music sector and music education. Experts from four higher music education institutes and three music industry companies from four different countries, Germany, the Netherlands, France and Denmark, worked together to analyse during two years the current stand of digital skills training in higher education institutes and develop a training methodology for these institutions that effectively transfers digital skills to music students.

Participating pinstitutions:
Stiftung Neue-Musik Impulse (Germany)
TH Lübeck (Germany)
Syddansk Musikkonservatorium (Denmark)
Hanzehogeschool Groningen (Netherlands)
SPOT Groningen (Netherlands)
IMFP (France)
SYL Production (France)

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On December 9th, 2022 the event Intersections explored the common ground between music and technology. The programme consisted of engaging speeches, panel discussions, a display event and live performances.
During this kick-off event, participants explored topics such as 360-degree- and immersive media, Artificial Intelligence and how such technologies can influence music.


Aftermovie Intersections

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Fields of interest

  • Arts and Culture