NAIP residency at Westerbork Memorial

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Master of Music students New Audiences and Innovative Practice (NAIP) took on an artistic residency, on-site at Westerbork Memorial in October 2022. The students have been exploring and absorbing the context of this iconic place in the North of the Netherlands by meeting the faculty and visitors, connecting with the location & environment, the stories, visual impact, and developing new material from this.

NAIP Westerbork collage (1)-min.jpg

In continuation of their artistic residency, the work that was created by the students became part of an exhibition at Westerbork Memorial in November 2023.


How can art be of value to a historically significant place such as Westerbork Memorial?

At this memorial site in the middle of Drenthe, the lives of one hundred thousand Dutch Jews, Sinti and Roma are remembered.

As a conservatoire, we strive to place our education in all kinds of contexts in order to reflect on the question of how we, as musicians, can contribute in a meaningful way to a specific context and audience. We started a collaboration with Herinneringscentrum Kamp Westerbork in order to investigate how we, from an artistic perspective, can contribute to finding meaningful ways of remembrance.

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