Interdisciplinary Collaboration with the Poetic Disasters Club


In spring 2024, students from the NAIP Master of Music, collaborated with the Poetic Disasters Club, the junior company of Club Guy & Roni. This interdisciplinary residency brought together international talent—dancers, actors and musicians—to explore the intersections of movement, space, environment, and sound.

The residency consisted of three parts.

  1. Exploration Labs: In the initial phase, students immersed themselves in the domains of sound and movement, utilising their bodies as instruments and drawing inspiration from a variety of materials and activities. This phase encouraged students to push the boundaries of their artistic practices and think creatively within a collaborative environment.
  2. Making/Devising: In the second phase, students formed groups to develop innovative research concepts, integrating their newfound knowledge into exploratory performances. This process-oriented approach fostered a deeper understanding of collective creation and artistic expression.
  3. Showcase Event: The residency concluded with an invitational showcase, where students presented their original works to peers and guests. This event not only highlighted their creative achievements but also underscored the importance of collaboration and community engagement in the arts.

Through this collaboration, our students gained valuable insights into their artistic practices, forged new professional connections, opening innovative interdisciplinary possibilities.

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