Honours Education

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Are you a financial talent, an entrepreneur or a marketeer who loves an extra challenge? Was the first year of your bachelor's a walk in the park? Are you willing to push the boundaries, deepen your knowledge, add to your experience and expand your professional network?

Honours Talent Program
The Honours Talent Program of the School of Business, Marketing, and Finance might be a real match for you. Working together with passionate fellow students of different backgrounds, you will develop yourself and your talents to become a genuine professional.

The Honours Talent Program offers you the opportunity to:

  • boost your professional development;
  • work on your ideas and vision as a marketeer, entrepreneur, or finance professional in the making;
  • put into practice new business skills such as presenting, collaborating in a mixed team, business creativity, and self-reflection;
  • network with students and professionals from different domains;
  • work independently on different projects and build on your professional portfolio.

In short: it's a perfect investment in your professional development and career.
You can start the honours talent programme in the second year of your bachelor. This is an extra programme of 30 credits on top of the regular curriculum of your studies. The outline:

You will discover your talents and work on your development as a professional in specially designed honours labs. In the first year, you will participate in two labs at your school. In the years that follow, you will be able to choose Hanze honours labs that match your interest and curiosity. Each lab is built around a theme and you get to work together with fellow honours students, coaches, and experts from the field. Masterclasses will help you to master your skills and deepen your knowledge. Special events broaden your horizon, build your network and contribute to the community you are building together.

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