COMMITTED: managing export regulations in international cooperation

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The COMMITTED project helps companies, policy makers, university researchers and students involved in international projects subject to export regulations. The project assist these parties recognise the risks associated with sharing and using data, research results, and other products of international cooperation.

Good preparation and understanding of regulations

Operating in a global market offers companies opportunities but also brings risks. Therefore, it is important to be aware of EU and national export control regulations. SMEs collaborating with universities or non-EU partners on projects with potential dual-use applications must be aware of the need to obtain an export license before ‘releasing’ controlled goods, technology, or know-how to a foreign entity or person. This is known as de deemed export.

Raising awareness

Items which are regulated by export control regimes require preparation and understanding of the regulations to prevent violations. This can have negative consequences for all parties involved. However, there is little awareness of "deemed" export among SMEs and university staff. The EU highlights the need for targeted guidance to address these specific challenges (Regulation 2021/821), and the COMMITTED project addresses this need.

The COMMITTED project team develops and disseminates blended learning materials and organises tailored training programmes to raise awareness about export compliance rules for the deemed export resulting from international cooperation between SMEs and educational institutions.

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