Immigration procedure - Intra EU mobility

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If you are a non-EU student studying at a university in the EU with a residence permit for the purpose of ‘study’ and you are planning to go on an exchange at Hanze UAS, the Intra-EU immigration procedure will apply to you. Follow the steps below for the procedure.

Upload the following documents via Hanze Apply

  1. Personal details form
  2. A copy of your (valid) passport (include the pages with your personal details and signature, and if applicable: any pages that contain travel stamps. Combine into one PDF file).
  3. A copy of your residence permit from the EU country where you are currently residing as a student (the residence permit must be valid for the duration of your exchange programme in the Netherlands and it must mention that it was granted to you for the purpose of ‘study’. Combine into one PDF file).
  4. A filled out and signed Antecedents / authorisation inbound mobility certificate (leave the V-number blank).
  5. A bank statement (no older than 3 months and in either Dutch, English, French or German) mentioning the following details:
  • The name and contact details of the bank.
  • Your name.
  • The required amount as mentioned in the financial guarantee overview (the money in your account must be freely accessible at any time without cost when withdrawn).
    You can deduct your Erasmus grant once we have received an official Erasmus scholarship award letter from your home institution. The letter must mention the following details:
  • The name of your university.
  • Your full name and date of birth.
  • Your study programme.
  • Start and end date of your Erasmus grant.
  • The grant amount awarded.
  • The name, signature and contact details of the Erasmus grant officer of your university.
  • The stamp of your university.

When all your documents are approved we will send a notification to the IND (Immigration and Naturalisation Service) allowing you to study at Hanze UAS with your current residence permit issued by another member state of the European Union.

FAQ Intra EU mobility