Immigration procedure - Intra EU mobility

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If you are a non-EU student studying at a university in the EU and you have a residence permit for the purpose of studies and you are planning to go on an exchange to Hanze UAS, the Intra-EU immigration procedure will apply to you.

If Intra-EU mobility applies in your case, you do not need a Dutch residence permit. You do need to meet the following conditions:

  • You are in the possession of a valid residence permit for study purpose, issued by another member state of the European Union. The residence permit must mention or refer to the fact that it was granted to you for study purpose;
  • The residence permit must be valid for the duration of your exchange programme in the Netherlands;
  • There is an exchange agreement between your home university and Hanze UAS, Groningen;
  • Your exchange semester does not last longer than 360 days and the mobility falls within the validity of the residence permit issued by the first member state.

Please note: Denmark and Ireland do not participate in Intra EU-mobility. 

Students who are not in possession of a valid residence permit for study purposes, issued by another member state of the European Union need to apply for a residence permit, please take a look at the VVR procedure.

If you meet the above mentioned conditions, we will notify the Ministry of Justice and Security, department of Immigration and Naturalisation Service in the Netherlands (the IND). This procedure is called 'notification'.

Please read about the procedure below and follow the instructions for Intra EU-mobility.

Required documents