Transferring from another university in the Netherlands

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If you are studying at another university in the Netherlands and want to transfer to us, we will formally have to take you over. Please watch the video and follow the steps below for the procedure.

Transferring from another university

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1. Upload the following documents via Hanze Apply

  • A filled out and signed personal details form.
  • A copy of your (valid) passport (include the pages with your personal details and signature, and if applicable: any pages that contain travel stamps. Combine into one PDF file).
  • A copy of the front- and backside of your current Dutch residence permit (combine into one PDF file).
  • A filled out and signed Antecedents certificate (leave the V-number blank).
  • A copy of your current health insurance policy. If you currently have a job, you should have Dutch public health insurance: you can upload a copy of that policy. If you do not have a job, you will need student insurance: please apply for AON student insurance here: Request new insurance | Aon Student Insurance. Upload a copy of the policy once you receive it from AON.
  • A bank statement from your Dutch bank account mentioning: your name, the name and address of the bank as well as the amount of €15,000 (bank statement can’t be older than 3 months before the start of your study programme).

Don’t forget to click on the submit button!

2. Start application

 We will start your immigration procedure when:

  • All your uploaded documents for immigration are correct.
  • You have received a letter of acceptance from student administration.

You will receive a confirmation email after we have sent your application to the IND (Immigration and Naturalisation Service).

3. Decision IND

The IND will let us know their decision within 8 weeks. As soon as the IND has approved our application to formally take you over from your previous university, we will let you know by email.

4. Residence permit card

You will keep your current residence permit card. If your permit will expire soon, you can ask us to start the extension procedure. This procedure can only be started when your residence permit will expire within 3 months.

FAQ Transferring from another university