Groninger Visual Arts Stipends


Applications for the 2023 Groninger Visual Arts Stipendia are closed. If you want to be considered for these stipends, keep an eye on this page and apply next year.

Winners 2023

The winners of the Groninger Visual Arts Stipendia 2023 have been announced! Read all the information about the course of the first stipends and the first winners on this page.

About the stipends

From 2023 onwards, two new Groninger visual arts stipends will be awarded annually to stimulate the artistic development and cultural entrepreneurship of starting, promising visual artists and designers. The stipends encourage new work that can make a meaningful contribution to contemporary art in the Netherlands. The stipends are the successors of the George Verberg Stipendium and the Hendrik de Vries Stipendium, both of which have been awarded to young artistic talent for decades.

The two stipends each consist of an amount of €20,000 for a working period of one year, and are linked to support programs in which the talent development of the artist is central. In doing so, the artist makes use of the network, expertise and facilities of the Noordenaars; a platform for presentation institutions in the Northern Netherlands consisting of 12 organisations.  

The collaborating parties of the Municipality of Groningen, Kunstpunt Groningen and Minerva Art Academy attach great importance to a qualitative support process for the winning artists as part of the stipends. In this way, they offer more sustainable support for the development of artistic practice.


Land and Horizon, a local and an international focus

The stipends both have their own orientation:  

Land is focused on researching and making an impact in the local region. Artists are encouraged to work in the surroundings of Groningen and the Northern Netherlands. This can be done, for example, by researching this environment, working on location, addressing social and societal issues and/or by working together with local communities.  


Horizon has an international orientation in which the artist is encouraged to spread his wings and develop a (part of a) project abroad. This process starts in the North with a preliminary investigation, and then leaves for a location outside the Netherlands for, for example, a residency, collaboration or presentation. At the end of the process, the artist will return to the North, to share the results, experience and knowledge that the artist has collected with the local public and the cultural field. 

Marouschka Brian, 'Connected Metal', 2023, sculpture with metals and wires

Jildau Nijboer, 'In between Reflections VI', oil and acrylic paint on linen, 120x200cm

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