Dr. Henderien Steenbeek

Dr. Henderien Steenbeek is a developmental psychologist and works as a professor in Diversity in Learning & Behaviour (2013-present) within the Youth, Education and Society research group. She is also a theme leader within the theme of Equality of Opportunity & Participation, one of the strategic themes of the Centre of Expertise Healthy Aging. Her research is mainly connected to the Hanze Education Academy of Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen. She is currently a member of the National Expertise Centre for Transition PO-VO, the Expertise Centre for Interaction in the Diverse Classroom and the Expertise Centre for Talent Development. She also works as an associate professor of Developmental Psychology at the University of Groningen (2013-present).

In 2006 she obtained her PhD for her research into dyadic interaction of children during play, and the differences between children with different sociometric statuses. After that she was coordinator of the TalentenKracht research programme Groningen (RUG, developmental psychology; 2007-2016).

Her research focus is on stimulating children's learning and well-being in the educational context, with attention to the development of children who are vulnerable to a trajectory of reduced learning and well-being, for whatever reason. She also focuses on strengthening the pedagogical skills of educational professionals who work with children.

Henderien Steenbeek