Janneke Krooneman

Janneke Krooneman

Janneke Krooneman wants to harness nature to save nature. The smallest micro-organisms could have a major role in green chemistry. With her professorship Bioconversion and Fermentation Technology, she focuses on the application of biological conversions to make semi-finished products. These are sustainable methods used by the chemical industry. A major challenge is scaling up these methods - an issue that is being looked at in detail in pilot plant ZAP Groningen.

With the professorship Bioconversion and Fermentation Technology, Janneke Krooneman works on practical knowledge development and research about the use of natural, biological processes to make chemistry more sustainable. In particular, she focuses on the use of bacterial and enzymatic conversions on a laboratory and pilot scale.

Janneke Krooneman works within the professorship Biorefinery. The professorship is part of the Research Centre Biobased Economy.

Janneke Krooneman


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This video was made for the inauguration of Janneke Krooneman.

Inauguration poster

For her inauguration, Janneke made a poster that shows the areas she will focus on with her research.