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Lilian is an electrical and electronic engineer from the department of electronic and telecommunication engineering at Mbeya University of Science and Technology (MUST). Lilian was involved with the NUFFIC TMT+ energy project. To improve the curriculum and train lecturers in the field of renewable energy. Besides that Lilian is also the gender coordinator at MUST.

'The first activity was a solar training on how to design, install and test a solar system. Before the training I didn’t know there were different types of solar panels or how to install them. After the training, I now know the different types and components from the panel to the endpoint. In Africa we learn a lot of theory. After the training, we got a more practically oriented skill set. I am so thankful to Nuffic and Hanze because now I am able to teach the student practically and theoretically. I also learned how to develop a curriculum. What requirements I need from stakeholders and the students.'

'At MUST, I am the gender coordinator. During the project, we also went to a region where there was a woman expert on solar systems. I was so motivated to go because I got a lot of encouragement from her.'