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Silla is a project coordinator and assistant lecturer in mechanical and industrial engineering. He has been involved with the NUFFIC TMT+ Energy project from the start in 2019 till the end in 2023.

'The first big outcome is professional networking. Due to the project a big network has been created that allows different interactions with institutions like Arusha Technical College, Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology and the University of Dar Es Salaam. The other big outcome is staff development. We have undergone several trainings that helped us pursue several courses like building a biodigester, install a windmill and solar panels. Now we have the skills and knowledge to do that. Because of the staff development, we are now able to teach our students and have them build another windmill, for example. We have also reserved the materials for the renewable energy programme that has been developed. Once the materials arrive, we are able to construct and get started.'

'The goal for the future is to make this site the renewable energy centre. We will also install more windmills together with the students. We would not only like to involve the renewable energy students, but also the electrical and mechanical engineering students to work together.'