'As a freelancer I developed the corporate identity for a beauty salon'

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'In my graduation year, I chose to have my graduation project completely devoted to my own company and its development. After graduating, I could immediately start building my business. I work as a freelancer on various projects and assignments. I work one day at Art Academy Minerva as a freelancer at the Knowledge Centre for Art and Society, where I take on various projects. I help with thinking conceptually about how to make research projects visible. But I also do executive work for the knowledge centre on the website of the Hanze UAS.'

'Besides that, I still have my own clients: self-employed professionals and small businesses. I still actively design for them and advise them on design-related matters. For example, I have been working for a beauty salon (one-man business) for several years. I designed the logo and the corporate identity, including the website and I design all other online and offline work for her.'

'I experienced my time at Minerva as profound and challenging. This was mainly due to my goals and motivation, I got to choose my own study path. Being allowed to choose my own path was very motivating.' 

'Although my direction was clear quite quickly (graphic design), I also found it very instructive and interesting to work with fellow students who chose a different route within Minerva. Because the directions were flexible and I met other students who chose a different route; we could give each other new insights and inspire each other.'