'With my graduation project, I can make sure the energy grid keeps working properly'

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Danielle kip

Daniëlle Kip is studying Electrical and Electronic Engineering with a major in Electronics. Next year, she will graduate with an internship at grid manager Enexis.

'Because of the energy transition, many solar and wind farms are being built in the Netherlands to reduce CO2 emissions by at least 49% by 2030 compared to 1990. The many solar and wind farms may have an effect on the short-circuit current generated during a short circuit. The short-circuit current from power plants is expected to decrease. This will affect grid protections. During my assignment, I have to investigate whether solar and wind farms actually affect the decrease in short-circuit current from the high-voltage grid and what the decrease in short-circuit current means for Enexis' current protection policy.

'Important in my research is the programme Vision, which we also use during the Flexible Energy Technology minor. With this programme, I create a simulation of the power grid and can simulate short-circuits - something that is, of course, impossible on the real grid. Then I see what it does: does the short-circuit power decrease? What I like about this assignment is that there is no ready-made solution at hand. I get to investigate on my own.'

Large machines
'How did I end up at Enexis? During my minor in Wind Energy, I had lessons from Sander Dijk, who worked at Enexis. Through him I saw how interesting the electricity grid is and especially the influence of solar and wind energy. In the beginning of my studies, I was afraid of large machines and preferred to work with circuit boards. Now I like the fact that it is so big. If the power goes out, the whole of the Netherlands is in uproar. It's great that I can contribute to a solution to make the electricity grid more reliable. I want to make an impact, to help people. Everything revolves around electricity these days; it is a very important part of our lives. With my graduation project, I can ensure that the power grid keeps working properly and that people can just turn on their washing machines.'

'My tip for other students? Choose something you like, even if you think you might not be good at it. I started studying Chemistry at Hanze because I was good at chemistry, but I didn't like it. I switched to Electrical and Electronic Engineering and am totally in my place.'

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