EuroFM: Collaborative Online International Learning

  • Student project
Imaan Naveed FM

As a Facility Management student you have the opportunity to join a COIL-project. COIL stands for: Collaborative Online International Learning. In 2023 Hanze UAS and DHBW Stuttgart joined forces to create a project in which students from the German university worked together with students from Hanze, which was partly online and partly face to face. Imaan was one of the students joining this amazing project.

'Participating in the EuroFM COIL project for the second consecutive year has been a highly enriching experience. Last year, as part of my honours course, I engaged in this global initiative, gaining valuable insights into topics such as ESG (Environmental Social Governance), CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive), and many facility services worldwide. The project facilitated extensive networking opportunities with participants, coaches and guest lecturers from around the world and allowed for meaningful interactions. I was able to sharpen my skills in research, communication, teamwork and problem solving.  Moreover, the opportunity to travel from The Hague to Zurich last year made it a truly memorable experience. EuroFM COIL has significantly broadened my perspective on facilities management in a global context.'

Fields of interest

  • Business and Economics