Gain an in-depth understanding of the European business environment

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European Business

Start: September, February
  • Business and Economics
  • Behaviour and Society

Would you like to learn more about how we live, work and interact cross-culturally within Europe, and how the European institutes function? Do you want to create socially responsible impact and learn how businesses can effectively adapt to key European transitions such as the European 'Green deal' and digitalisation? Join the European Business minor!

About this programme

The European Business minor addresses the need for transnational policy solutions and socially responsible business practices in today's interconnected world. It instills a purpose-led, entrepreneurial mindset in students, preparing them to adapt to change, leverage European transitions like the Green Deal and digitalization, and create socially responsible impact. Emphasizing communication and critical thinking skills, it fosters a stakeholder-led approach to business, reflecting the evolving professional landscape.

Through an integrated, multidisciplinary approach, students gain insight into cross-cultural interactions within Europe, understand European institutions' functioning, and explore necessary business model transformations. They delve into various business aspects in EU countries, from legal and financial to logistical and human resources management. The minor also examines the EU's role in business, enabling students to assess its benefits and challenges.

By completing the minor, students develop a holistic understanding of strategic business planning in the EU context, gain insights into EU treaties and institutions, and learn to implement concepts of purpose economy and sustainability in European business practices.


  • European Business Plan Project 1 - 5 ECTS
  • Applied Research and Reporting - 5 ECTS
  • Purpose Economy & Sustainability - 5 ECTS
  • European Business Plan Project 2 - 5 ECTS
  • European Business Environment and Cultures - 5 ECTS
  • International Innovation Experience and Communications - 5 ECTS

Before you can start


The European Business minor is open to exchange students and students currently enrolled at Hanze UAS. The subjects in the minor are offered at an advanced level and require previous knowledge of the corresponding subject area. You should have a good English language proficiency and you have to be in the main phase of your study.

Admission & application

Please check with your home university whether there is an agreement set up with the Hanze School that is offering the exchange programme of your choice. To apply for and be admitted for our exchange programme you should take the following steps

  • 1. Be nominated by your home university

    Once you have been nominated, your nomination will be checked by us and confirmed to your home university by email. You will receive your application link during our application period.

  • 2. Submit your online application

    Once you have been nominated by your home university you will receive a personal application link and the application instructions during our application period. The application is fully digital and documents do not have to be send by email or postal mail. Make sure you do not miss our application deadline!

  • 3. Letter of Acceptance

    Once you have submitted your application we will check your documents. If you have to re-submit any documents, we will let you know. We will be sending out Acceptance Letters from the beginning of May when you start in September and from the middle of October when you start in February.

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Fields of interest

  • Behaviour and Society
  • Business and Economics
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