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Within the Popular Culture programme of the Minerva Academy of Popular Culture, all students are working on their own projects that offer practical experience from the field of work, so no simulations. For you as a minor student, this means that you need to have an idea of the project you want to work on from the start. For this form of education, you must be able to work independently, not be afraid to take initiative and be able to take responsibility for the project.

About this minor

Core programme   

The teaching of the Academy is organised in a so-called community of learners: the production house. It's a learning environment in which you will develop knowledge that can be applied in the project's execution through presentations, reflection, research, debate, guest lessons and excursions. You will work with R&D (artistic research) entrepreneurship and project coaching (organisation). You will approach the project from a professional role. Each student works on two different professional roles: Writer/composer, Performer or Designer/Visualiser.   

During the minor all students work on core tasks linked to the artistic process. The Autumn Semester focuses on core tasks 2, 3 and 6. In short, it means that you will start to formulate and develop an artistic concept, then do experiments to further develop that concept and at the end you will write a grant application with budget for an interdisciplinary project and submit it to the field of work. There is a concrete budget available for the best applications that can be realised. The Spring Semester focuses on core tasks 1, 4 and 5. The emphasis is on artistic research into trends, making an artistic performance that you will present to a live audience and the organisation, planning etcetera of your own project. For example, a performance might include spoken word/storytelling, an installation, an exhibition, a podcast or musical/theatrical/pop performance. For each core task, you will deliver a mandatory professional product that will be assessed.   

Core Task Advanced 3  

You will learn about artistic entrepreneurship and work on professional products that strengthen your own artistic entrepreneurship through research and creation assignments.    

Core Task Advanced 4 

 You will learn about the concept of performance in pop culture and visit a few live interdisciplinary pop performances that you have to analyse using different analysis models. You will also make a podcast about the performances and interdisciplinarity in your own professional practice.    

Off course   

You will choose a module from of the off courses offered by Minerva Art Academy, The offer ranges from theoretical content modules to practical hands-on modules that are focused on creating things.  

Some examples of realised projects

Recording and producing a CD, organising a band contest, developing and performing an artistic concept for a band contest, making a videoclip for a band, the organisation of a festival, doing research on the application of music in therapeutic sessions, developing a workshop for young people with behavioural problems,  developing a concept for a magazine and production (design and text).  

Before you can start

After you have applied for the minor, you will receive an invitation for an online interview. We would also like to receive a proposal for a potential project in advance. During the interview, we will focus on your motivation regarding the minor and we will discuss your plans for the project.


 You can start the minor in September or in February. The programme lasts 20 weeks (semester) and comprises of 30 ECTS.   


E-mail: Anne Karen de Boer,  
Minerva Academy for Popular Culture, Popular Culture Programme, Achter de Hoven 23, 8933 AG Leeuwarden. telephone number +31 (0) 58 292 1600.

Admission & application

Please check with your home university whether there is an agreement set up with the Hanze School that is offering the exchange programme of your choice. To apply for and be admitted for our exchange programme you should take the following steps

  • 1. Be nominated by your home university

    Once you have been nominated, your nomination will be checked by us and confirmed to your home university by email. You will receive your application link during our application period.

  • 2. Submit your online application

    Once you have been nominated by your home university you will receive a personal application link and the application instructions during our application period. The application is fully digital and documents do not have to be send by email or postal mail. Make sure you do not miss our application deadline!

  • 3. Letter of Acceptance

    Once you have submitted your application we will check your documents. If you have to re-submit any documents, we will let you know. We will be sending out Acceptance Letters from the beginning of May when you start in September and from the middle of October when you start in February.

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